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Hydrogen Generator Plans










Q. Does it use electricity?
A. This system does not use electricity, it is a chemical reaction

Q. How hot does this system get?
A. It will get hot enough that you may not want to touch it. Don't mount the reaction chamber within 12 inches of the exhaust manifold.

Q. When I use the hydrogen to run a car do I have to adjust the timing?
A. No, you don't need to adjust your timing with this system

Q. How do you start the system?
A. You start the system by adding aluminum to the reaction chamber. When you add the aluminum, the chemical reaction starts and you are now making hydrogen.

Q. What do you use for aluminum?
A. You can use foil, cans, or chunks of aluminum bought in blocks. If you use cans, the paint on the cans will slow down the reaction process and it will also leave the paint in your reaction chamber.

Q. Are the items required to build the system easy to get?
A. Everything needed to build the system is very easy to get

Q. Can this item be built with minimal technical knowledge?
A. No mechanical knowledge is needed. The plans are step-by-step directions and pictures

Q. What is the disadvantage using this system?
A. You have to manually start the reaction process, and the system will produce hydrogen until the aluminum is dissolved

Q. Where is the hydrogen stored?
A. The hydrogen is not stored, your engine uses it as it is produced



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